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THE INDUSTRIAL CITY A frame-work for the integration of architecture and infrastructure, Hamburg, 2011 The Industrial City is a strategy for the integration of architecture and infrastructure. This project explores the potential of existing infrastructures in a changing post-industrial landscape (Port of Hamburg) through the implementation of a new form of large-scale industrial production. The thesis for this project is that the remains of heavy industry in the form of large-scale infrastructures in post-industrial landscapes (ports, canals, rails, etc.), as found in many Western metropolis, have the potential to move away from the progressive paradigm shift to adapt the heavy industry towards high-tech industry. The actual use of existing infrastructure by a new breed of large-scale, high-tech industry can offset the progressive evolution of such landscapes into a mix of office, home and leisure, and develop the identity of an industrial region in a modern and sustainable way. In order to provide the proposed strategy with a program and to be able to examine a corresponding scale, it is tested spatially and organizationally on the basis of a real existing operation. The selected company (wind turbines) represents the transition from heavy industry to high-tech industry and allows a contemporary, scale-based use of existing infrastructures. The implementation of large-scale production and accompanying logistics in the context of post-industrial landscapes is the goal of this project. Throughout the design process, the industrial city has been examined as an architectural project, in which not only the volume of the production facility changes the image of the city, but also the use of on-site infrastructures (loading of wind turbines) adds an identity-building activity to the area as a living, productive organism. This architectural intervention in such a location creates a responsive development strategy that can create a new form of coexistence between industrial production and urbanity.